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List of verified hotels to choose from in India with different services to choose from


We worked with more than one hundred companies to help them manage their properties

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You can set the needed terms of cooperation, limit our partnership term lengths, select needed services.


Our specialists will do everything to make communication credible and effective. We work the way you prefere.

Our Main Services

Sales & Marketing

We are constantly mining and implementing success strategies that infuse energy in properties and team members.

Revenue Management

Aggressive, dynamic pricing strategies for all
distribution channels based on historical and
forecasted market

Asset Management

Experience that allows us to capitalize on the unseen strengths of a property, and minimize its weaknesses

About Us

Amida Hotels works as a partner that serves as an extension of your
hotel management team. We listen to hotel owners’ past challenges
and successes, ask about your current goals, and then structure a
strategic plan to get you there. Our team has 25 years of experience
operating, fixing, and improving hotels of all brands, segments, and
sizes. No matter what your operating issues are, we have the
knowledge and day-to-day experience to solve them.

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